Weekend Edition – Fighting for Art Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

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Art is Worth Fighting For

Silver Lining Silver Lining

Yesterday’s Fourth of July holiday was a bit soggy around my neck of the woods, but the day turned out to have an unexpected silver lining. Though we didn’t get to enjoy cookouts or fireworks (and my daughter was in Maine with her dad), my beau and I did get to enjoy a very relaxing afternoon on the sofa with our two cats, Cinder Kitten and Bella Mama Thunderpaws. We got to watch a couple of good movies, laugh at some smart stand-up comedy, and even take (be still my beating heart) a short NAP. It felt like we were declaring independence from The Grind.

One of the movies we watched was The Monuments Men – a film that I have passed by many times because I am not a big fan of war movies. Having finally watched it, I’m sorry now that…

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