Can we still smile amidst the fear and consternation of our days

Leonardo Boff

In my already long theological trajectory, from the beginning in the 1960s, there have always been two central themes that represent the singularities of Christianity: the society-like conception of God, (the Trinity) and the idea of the resurrection after death. If we omitted these two themes, almost nothing would change from traditional Christianity. It fundamentally predicates monotheism (only one God), as if we were Jews or Moslems. And instead of resurrection, it prefers the Platonic theme of the immortality of the soul. This is a sad loss, because we have stopped professing something special, I would say almost exclusive to Christianity, which is charged with joviality, hope, and an innovating sense of the future.

God is not the loneliness of the one, the terror of philosophers and theologians. God is the communion of three Uniques, that because they are unique are not just numbers, but a dynamic movement between diverse…

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