Brazilians: a mystical and religious people

Leonardo Boff

Brazilians are a spiritual and mystic people, whether or not that pleases the secularized intelligentsia, which generally has little or no relationship with the popular and social movements.

The Brazilian people did not pass through the modern school of the purveyors of suspicion, who have tried in vain to de-legitimize religion. To the people, God is not a problem, but the solution to their problems and the ultimate meaning of their living and dying. The people sense God accompanying them in their journey, they celebrate God in their everyday expressions, such as, “My God”, “Thanks be to God”, “God will repay you”, “Go with God”, “God willing” and “May God bless you”. Many are accustomed to ending a telephone conversation by saying, “Be with God”. If the Brazilians did not have God in their lives, they certainly would not have endured so many centuries of social ostracism with so much…

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