Carta por la Compasión. Boletín de marzo 2014

March 2014 Newsletter

Linda FrichtelIllustration by Linda Frichtel

Dear Silviano,

Featured New Partners

In this newsletter we would like to introduce you to three new partners: The Forgiveness Project out of the UK, the Victor’s Project from South Africa and The Heroic Imagination Project headquartered in San Francisco CA, USA.

The Forgiveness Project grew out of a conviction that people’s perspectives shift when they are able to hear the stories of others. Real stories are at the heart of everything The Forgiveness Project does, and from its launch in 2004 teachers from around the world have accessed their website to use the stories as teaching materials in their own classes. Many schools have also hired The F Word exhibition as a way of drawing pupils into the subjects of empathy and compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation through the real stories.  As a result The Forgiveness Project is now developing an on-line multi-media educational resource using filmed stories with supporting materials.

being  human“Return to Being Human” by Kathryn Siveyer
for The Forgiveness Project

It is hoped the resource will be launched later in the year. Marina Cantacuzino, The Forgiveness Project founder and director, says:  “We are in the process of creating a bank of ideas and approaches containing example schemes of work for various subject areas. In researching and piloting ideas for the resource there has been a particular emphasis on using creative approaches, encouraging students to think independently and connect their own lives and experiences with those of the speakers.”

The Forgiveness Project has also collaborated with Dr. Masi Noor, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University in England, to create the Forgiveness Toolbox, a skills based resource aimed at assisting people interested in the process of forgiveness.

The Victor’s Foundation places a large emphasis on non-violence and acts of compassion and kindness. The creators of the Foundation, Anthea Van Der Pluym and Rene Roos, believe that in today’s world, especially in South Africa, there is a high degree of violence, abuse, and crime; and that it is time for healing, for growth and for choosing non-violence as a way of life. Consequently, the Foundation promotes recovery and non-violence as a life choice. Through education, public speaking and online communities, the Foundation works to help others lend their weight, time, ideas, and resources to accelerate a non-violent response to what otherwise may be a negative response to our lives.  Visit their website to find links to articles and videos. The Foundation gears many of its articles to women, but sponsors writing programs for youth.

The Heroic Imagination Project (HIP) founded by Dr. Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford Universit, translates the extensive research findings of social psychology and related fields into meaningful insights and tools that individuals can use in their everyday lives to transform negative situations and create positive change. Dr. Zimbardo’s work has studied the psychological foundations of negative forms of social influence (such as conformity, obedience, and the bystander effect) and is now refocused on understanding the nature of everyday heroism and the psychology of personal and social growth.

HIP is a research-based organization which provides knowledge, tools, strategies, and exercises to individuals and groups to help them to overcome the social and psychological forces which can keep them from taking effective action at crucial moments in their lives. HIP also conducts original research on psychology of personal, social, and systemic growth, specifically the academic and social success of students.

Visit the HIP Video Library and learn all about everyday heroism, the power of a situation, conformity, bystander effect, peer pressure, and more; and discover how the Education Program can address social issues in your school culture and encourage long-term academic success for students.

Next Education Partner Call

Our next Education Call will be Wednesday March 26.  This is a general call for all educator partners, including organization and school partners.  A separate conference call for Colleges and Universities is being scheduled for Thursday, March 27 at the same times listed here.  However, please see the call-in conference number for this call below.

Seattle (U.S.A. – Washington)  6:00 AM
Montreal (Canada – Quebec)  9:00 AM
Halifax (Canada – Nova Scotia) 10:00 AM
London (United Kingdom – England)  1:00 AM
Stockholm (Sweden)  2:00 PM
Cape Town (South Africa)  3:00 PM
Amman (Jordan)  3:00 PM
Karachi (Pakistan)  6:00 PM
Jakarta (Indonesia)  8:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)  9:00 PM
Perth (Australia – Western Australia)  9:00 PM
Auckland (New Zealand)  2:00 AM (Wed)

If your city isn’t listed and you aren’t certain as to what time the call would begin in your location, consult the World Clock—Time Converter. Start with Seattle at 6:00 AM and enter your city in the field and click on convert. The Education Call will be 90 minutes.

We will be using Maestro Platform for this call so you will need to register to get the call-in number, and you will receive your own personal identification access number. Please register as soon as possible since this allows us to tailor the agenda to meet the needs of those involved in the call.

register online

Conference Call for Colleges and Universities

This call will be on March 27th. We will use the same times as above, but will be using a conference call in number: 712-775-7400, 504034# Access code.  There is no need to pre-register for this call; however, if you will be calling in from outside the United States, please contact us and we can send you the call-in number to use from your country.

Attention Educators at All Levels: The Compassion Relays!

Compassion Torch logo

We invite you to take part in the Compassion Relays! We pass the Compassion Torch to YOU! For detailed instructions and guidance materials for schools and youth groups, go to the Relays overview, scroll down and click on the links to the “Invitation for Schools and Youth Groups” and “Compassion Relays and Service-Learning.”

We know that many of you throughout the world have already instituted educational programs with a focus on compassion, and many have done so globally. Whether you have programs in place, want to start, or want to add new ones to what you are already doing, we would like you to join us in our mission to strengthen the practice of compassion through friendly “coopetition” between classes, schools, groups, cities, etc.

Would you like to get your class, school or group more excited about what you are doing already? Well, friendly coopetition with compassion in mind could ignite your efforts! Your programs can provide inspiration and a model for others who have nothing in place yet.

Everyone is important for the Compassion Relays to be successful. Anyone, any age, can participate in the Relays, now and year-round. Let’s light up the world for compassion and bring the Torch to the Compassion Games in September!

Remember these 2 key links for the Compassion Relays!

  1. Find basic information about the Relays, including links to FAQs and specific Relays invitations and instructions for individuals, schools and youth groups, organizations/businesses, community groups (community, interfaith, faith-based, other), and government entities, here.
  2. Report your acts of compassion and your Relays experience via the Compassion Map.

We encourage you to use the Compassion Relays Torch logo to highlight and pass on news about the Relays to friends, family, and colleagues via social media and hand-to-hand.

Welcoming Education Partners

What a wonder and a joy, and very often, a surprise we experience each day at the Charter as we welcome new members to our community.  The partners below represent new friends that we would like to celebrate and hopefully have our greater community embrace for their talents and commitment to education.

Ananda College of Living Wisdom (Gaston OR, USA)

Ashoka / Ashoka Changemaker Schools Network / Ashoka Start Empathy (Arlington VA, USA)

Barnas Landskap Childrens Landscape (Oslo, Norway)

Bishnu Bhatta (International Mud Day)

Bodhi Kids (Red Hook NY, USA )

Calgary Board of Education (Calgary AL, Canada)

ChildHelp Sierra Leone (Freetown, Sierra Leone)

Childspace Early Childhood Institute (Wellington, New Zealand)

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience and compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.

~Lao Tzu

Columbia College (Columbia SC, USA)

Compassie Op School (Amstelveen, Netherlands)

Cunningham Elementary School (Austin TX, USA)

Family Connection-Communities in Schools of Athens (Athens GA, USA)

Happy to Serve (Hydrabad, India)

Hope for Today Christian Fellowship Kenya (Nyamarambe, Kenya)

Huntsville Network for Urban School Renewal, Inc. (Huntsville AL, USA)

John F. Kennedy Middle School (Plainfield IL, USA)

Katherine Ann Porter School (Wimberly TX, USA)

Mohammed Schools of Atlanta (Atlanta GA, USA)

Mt Vernon Presbyterian School (Sandy Springs GA, USA)

Pathways and Journeys (Santa Monica CA, USA)

Partnership for Sustainable Development (Katmandu, Nepal)

Peace Learning Circles (Racine WI, USA)

Plan Volunteering Nepal (Katmandu, Nepal)

Prince Joseph Foundation Africa Schools (Kampala, Uganda)

SchoolNet-Mokoya Juru, IEARN-Mali (Bamako, Maili)

Social-Emotional Learning and Teacher Education Consortium of Massachusetts (Boston MA, USA)

Special Olympics International (Washington DC, USA)

Spectrum (Cape Town, South Africa)

UNBC Lifespan Development Research Lab (Prince George BC, Canada)

University of Botswana (Maun, Botswana)

While You Where Sleeping: Films for Thought (Cape Town, South Africa)

Wilson Park Sitter (Fayetteville AR, USA)


Making Connections!

Check out the Education Partners information on the Charter for Compassion website.  You can also find a list of schools, colleges, universities, and learning institutional partners on the website as well.  Click on any of the names to learn more.

Reaching Out!

We are excited about our increasing number of education partnerships! Please help us make new connections and spread the word. Share with another educator, school or other education organization this link so they can join the community.  Also, we encourage you to share the link to the Charter for Compassionate Schools.

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