What Makes a Memoir so Painful to Read?

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My son is in a military college where he is part of the Army Corps of Cadets. Whenever he comes home, he tells me stories about the movies that he and his fellow classmates watch, things like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and most recently, Lone Survivor.

header.basic-trainee-soldiers Photo from U.S. Army

I typically don’t read (or watch) the “war” genre but because I want to know what’s getting my son so fired up, I picked up a copy of Lone Survivor.

I’ve had a few people tell me not to read it.

Wendy, if your son is deployed or may deploy this book might not be a good choice for you to read.

I get it, I do. It’s a painful story. (For the record, like it or not, I’m going to continue to read it.)

But what I want to do in this post is to step…

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