The deadly corporate world empire

Leonardo Boff

Good wishes for a happy new year are ritual. They are no more than simple wishes, because they do not change the course of the world, where the super powerful continue their strategy of global domination. We need to think and even pray about this, because its economic, social, cultural, spiritual consequences and implications for the future of the species and nature can be dreadful.

Many people, such as Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, hoped that the legacy of the 2008 crisis would be a great debate about the type of society we want to build. They were totally wrong. That debate never happened. To the contrary, the logic that caused the crisis has been retaken with a vengeance. Richard Wilkinson, one of the main specialists on the theme of inequality, was more attentive and said a while back in an interview with the German newspaper, Die Zeit, that “the…

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