What’s in a Name?

Gold Can Stay

Almost two decades ago, on a Sunday afternoon, as my husband and I were quite busy shoveling popcorn into our respective faces, watching a movie marketed almost entirely to children, we knew precisely two things:  (1) Parenting was not for us; and (2) Our first child would be named Oscar Farias.

How did we know this?  Well, my husband’s last name is Farias; so, when we were reading the movie’s credits—merely a feeble excuse to finish the last vestiges of our popcorn–the name Oscar Farias understandably caught our attention and then promptly and more than a little unwittingly took up residence in our souls.  We thought Oscar was a great name—one everyone has heard of but seldom actually hear.  And it sounded quite right with Farias—maybe not mellifluous, but surely good. IMG_4459

My husband turned to my buttery face and asked between his own mouthfuls of popcorn, “If we ever…

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