Gold Can Stay

DSC_0023“Listen, Bill, I think I told you the last time you called.  I can’t hire you back.  I wanted to give you a chance.  I feel for you, I really do.  But you broke my laptop.  Then you said you couldn’t pay for it.  So I had to file an insurance claim.  Bill, I can’t run a business like that.  If I have to keep filing claims to pay for the things you break, my rates will go up.  I can’t do it. “


“Bill, you really need to get some help.  You’re having a tough time right now.  I’m not the one you should be turning to.  You might need to talk to a professional.”


“Bill, I’m going to have to hang up now.  I can’t continue this conversation.  Please don’t call me again.”

This happened in our local grocery store.  At the deli counter.   In front…

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