Recycling solid materials and people

Leonardo Boff

In Brasilia, Brazil, the 12th Festival of Garbage and Citizenship: Recycling for a Better World was celebrated from October 28th to 30th. There were more than one thousand collectors of recyclable materials taken from city garbage dumps, who had come from all corners of the country. I could participate emotionally, because for many years I have accompanied those who recycle materials taken from the great garbage dump of Petropolis.

Seeing the multitude that filled an immense room, embracing and meeting each other for the first time or finding each other again, happy and festive, in simple clothing, the great majority Afro-descendants, I asked myself: Who are they? Where do the come from? And it seemed that I could listen to an inner voice, like the one in the book of the Apocalypse, chapter 7,13 that said: “These are those who come from the great tribulation”, the survivors of the hard…

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