Pope Francis and the shedding of pagan papal customs

Leonardo Boff

The innovations in the customs and speeches of Pope Francis have led to an acute crisis in the conservative groups that strictly followed the directives of the two previous Popes. They find it especially intolerable that the Pope received in private audience one of the pioneers of the “condemned ” Theology of Liberation, Peruvian Gustavo Gutierrez. They are stunned by the Pope’s sincerity in recognizing the Church’s errors, and his own, and in denouncing the careerism of many prelates, calling “leprosy”  the courtesan and flattering spirit of many in power, who are known as “vaticancentrists”. What really scandalizes them is the inversion he makes, by putting in first place love, mercy, tenderness, dialogue with modernity and tolerance towards people, including the divorced and the homo-affective, and only in last place, ecclesiastic doctrines and discipline.

The voices are already being heard of the most radical,  who, referencing Pope Francis, offer petitions…

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