The Death and the Burial of Little Sister Genoveva, Midwife of the Tapirape People

Leonardo Boff

On September 24, 2013, in the small village of the Tapirape people, in the Araguaia, the Little Sister of Jesus Genoveva, French by birth, passed away.  Little Sister Genoveva and her companions lived an experience that anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro considered one of the most exemplary in the entire history of anthropology: the meeting and submersion into the indigenous culture of someone of the White culture.What follows is the testimony of Canuto, who knows well the life and work of Little Sister Genoveva. This is how he describes her death:

«In the morning of Tuesday the 24th, Genoveva was well. She kneaded the clay to fix the house. She had a tranquil lunch with Little Sister Odile. She was relaxing when she felt a pain in her chest. Odile hurried to get transportation to take Genoveva to the hospital of Confresa. On the way, her breathing became more and more labored. …

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