The eclipse of the father figure and violence in society

Leonardo Boff

The crisis of the father figure in contemporary society is well known . His parental function makes him the principal creator of limits for his sons and daughters.  Violence, which is precisely the lack of consideration for limits, has increased among youth in schools and society, as a result of this eclipse.

The weakening of the father figure has destabilized the family. Divorce has grown to such an extent that a true society of divorced families has appeared. Not only has the role of the father been eclipsed, but we are also seeing the social death of the father.

The absence of the father is, in any event, unacceptable. It affects the children, changing the direction of their lives, and weakening their will to undertake a project and make an autonomous life.

It is urgent that we reinvent the father figure on another, different, basis. To that end, it is…

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