(Another) Lesson from Critique Group

Live to Write - Write to Live

A couple of weeks ago, at my critique group meeting, one of my fellow group members handed me back a hard copy of my piece after she finished giving me her feedback verbally. Across the top of the first page were these words: Too surface. No clear GMC.

“What’s ‘GMC?’ ” I asked.

“Goal, motivation, and conflict.”

“Oh.” Yeah, I can see how not having any of that could be a problem.

When I looked at the scene I’d written again, through my writing friend’s eyes, I could see what she was talking about and I also wondered how I could have missed it.

I’m working on a novel and this is not the first—or the second—draft.

Obviously, I’m in need of my critique group.

I think part of the reason that I haven’t seen what is so clearly lacking in my drafts before now is that I’m still…

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