The need to rescue socio-ecological sensibility

Leonardo Boff

From August 19 to 23, the XIX International Congress of C. G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology, in which I participated, was celebrated in Copenhagen, Denmark. There were nearly 700 Jungians, from all parts of the world, even Siberia, China and Korea. The great majority were experienced analysts, many of them authors of books relevant to this field.  The predominate tone was: the need for psychology in general, and Jungian analytical psychology in particular, to open up to social and ecological communitarianism.

This concern arises from C. G. Jung’s thinking itself.  To him, psychology did not draw boundaries between the cosmos and life, biology and spirit, body and mind, conscious and unconscious, or between the individual and the collective. Psychology dealt with life in its totality, in its rational and irrational dimensions, symbolic and virtual, individual and social, terrestrial and cosmic and in its somber and luminous aspects. That is why he…

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