It’s not as easy as we make it look

Live to Write - Write to Live

'State of mind' photo (c) 2007, tshein - license:“No one what’s to study engineering, they all want to study the easy stuff like communications.”

This statement was made to me during a recent conversation. The commenter knew I was a writer. I didn’t call the speaker out on the statement, because it wasn’t an appropriate time, but boy did it stick with me! Because yeah, I sit at my computer and the right words come flying out of my brain every time! Isn’t that how it works for you? *ducks for fear of flying tomatoes*.

We do not all leave 12 years of education with the skills to design a building or engineer the next computer processor. We do leave 12 years of education with the ability to write. However, there is a misconception that just because you can write, that means you are able to communicate effectively. Most people can’t, trust me.

I write news updates for several…

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