Tales from the Playground: Chapter One

Gold Can Stay

This is the first of what will surely be a thousand-part series about life with my sons this summer on the local playgrounds.  Lessons and stories abound, and I hardly know where to begin. 

But start I must, so here you go . . .

She had the beleaguered look of any new mother–an infant strapped to her chest and a characteristically feisty and adorable two-year-old in tow; and though she had her own very helpful mother with her, it was clear that rest for this new mother was elusive.  Up all night with the baby, ministering to a toddler’s myriad needs and the vacuuming during the baby’s fitful daytime naps, she was tired.  Oh, so tired.

IMG_1263I know that tired; so, I’ll forgive her for saying to me as I sat on the playground bench, my three sons happily, safely, uneventfully running, climbing, and jumping,  “It must be so nice to sit.”

I suppose…

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